Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What exactly is a sample sale? 

A true sample sale is when the designer (or manufacturer) of a clothing line produces prototypes (samples) of items and decides for whatever reason not to put that item into production. Therefore they organize a "sample sale" and offer the goods at a discount price. 

Is this what Blue Velvet Curtain does? 

Yes and no. Some of the smaller, local designers we feature offer us their samples to sell, so yes, there will always be one-of-a-kind pieces that are true samples at every event. However, we also offer highly recognized brands at a discount. These items could be anything from: sold out everywhere else, a true one-of-a-kind-sample, or released only in certain markets (i.e. Europe or Asia).

Are all items new? 

Yes. All items that we feature are new and unworn. That being said, sometimes the manufacturer tags have fallen off during transport or trying on. This does not mean that the item has been worn, it simply means that the tags have accidentally been misplaced. Blue Velvet Curtain does not sell used items. 

I'm interested in having a private sale in my home/office but I don't think I have enough people to invite. Is there a minimum number of guests I need in order to book a party? 

We generally ask that you have a minimum of 10 people RSVP in order to host a private party. 

Is there a cost for hosting a private party? 

No, it's free to host an event. As a general rule, we bring a few bottles of Champagne with us, if you would like to order more and also have us bring snacks, then we would charge accordingly.  


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