The Holiday Outfit Survival Guide

Holiday parties are fun! Well... they are supposed to be fun right? Unfortunately the holidays and all the parties can be stressful too. There are all of these unspoken rules, awkward social situations, conversations you hope to avoid, and many many drinks to be had. And then, on top of it, if you work for a traditional company, you are expected to attend a party with your coworkers. This concept has always baffled me. I have never quite understood how you are supposed to enjoy yourself fully when you have to be on your best behavior, but maybe that's just me. 

For those of you who are about to begin your holiday circuit, here is a quick guide on what to wear to feel confident while navigating the social peaks and valleys of the season. So even if you accidentally say something you shouldn't have to Max in accounting, or your best friend's second cousin, at least you will be dressed well doing it. 


Suits are having a major moment. The People's Choice Awards last week saw several celebrities (Victoria Beckham for one) looking very sleek in a matching suit.

To translate the look for the office party - make sure to keep it simple, elegant, and beautifully polished. A jewel tone velvet suit with a classic heel and envelope clutch is sleek, elegant, and sure to make an impression in the best way possible. 

(images from - Boden Velvet Blazer, Tory Burch Stiletto, Rebecca Minkoff Envelope Clutch, slider tennis necklace)

Really, the best way to show your clients (or your kids or your boss or anyone) the ultimate appreciation is by presenting the best version of yourself inside and out. But if you happen to be stumped as to what to wear to a holiday lunch, this pictorial may help. The muted tones and rich textures appropriately complement the occasion. This outfit also works for a client dinner, just add a red lip and you're good to go. 

(images from Ted baker purse, Louboutin shoes, Eliza J. velvet sheath dress, bar drop earrings)

Now we're talking. This outfit says, "FINALLY, a party I can get behind!" A black blazer over a sparkly tank top of choice with skinny pants, boots, and a statement purse  - game over. You will be the best dressed and (hopefully) the least stressed. 

(images from Topshop Blazer, Tibi tank top, Kate Spade earrings, Saint Laurent Smoking Leather Minaudière, Kristin Cavallari bootie)

If you're lucky enough to be invited to an excessively lavish event, dressing the part isn't as intimidating as it first appears. A sequin dress with sleeves works for those who are self conscious of the upper arms while also providing an appropriate look without being over the top. For a contrast of texture, try a patent clutch. Finish it off with drop earrings and a super sleek shoe. 

(all images from Eliza J. Sequin Blouson Dress, Christian Louboutin clutch, Calvin Klein heels, crystal drop earrings)

Hopefully this year is your best holiday season yet, one filled with health and happiness and good cheer. 

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