Throw An Easy Holiday Party in Five Steps

An accurate recipe for the holiday season in our world is usually the following: a dash of good cheer mixed with a healthy dose of stress, combined with more than a pinch of food, and heaping amounts of libations. If this sounds about right, then you know the importance of hosting a holiday party in order to achieve the proper balance of good cheer in the air. 

However, on the flip side, hosting a holiday party can feel like a burden instead of a gift, especially when you work full-time, and have kids in various activities. 

Let's take the stress out of a holiday party and bring it back to a roaring good time by bringing it back to the basics. 

Serve Yourself Stations Are The Way To Go 
Beautiful platters and cutting boards surrounded by flowers and soft lighting make even the simplest items seem very high end. Remember, we eat with our eyes first. If you don't have time to pick out your own cheeses, nuts, olives, etc. order them pre-made from a specialty shop or store. Add some canapés that you can heat right before guests arrive and the food is all set. Order dessert and place it on a lovely glass serving dish to save time. 

Make A Signature Cocktail
Whether you serve an old-school spiked punch, or actual cocktails, mix them up before hand and allow your guests to serve themselves. If it's a holiday lunch, a Bloody Mary bar and Mimosa bar will also save you from having to worry about making sure everyone has a cocktail. 

A Little Organization Goes A Long Way
I cannot stress this enough. As someone who throws parties for a living, trust me when I say this; a small amount of organizing beforehand allows you to enjoy your guests when it's party time. If organizing isn't your thing - not to worry - just refer to the image below, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

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