Five Reasons To Wear Vintage Pieces Even When You're Scared of Vintage

Nobody wants to use the word "vintage" when referring to themselves, (i.e. "old") but incorporating vintage pieces into a wardrobe actually brings an unexpected vibrant freshness. You don't actually have to commit to an entirely different genre of dressing in order to breathe life into your existing closet, but a few key pieces could instantly take you from dressed well to best dressed. 

1. Vintage pieces add value to an outfit. 
Designer goods and classic silhouettes hold their value. Period. If your outfit consists of a $20 T-Shirt dress, adding an interesting textured vintage coat makes that LBD seem like something of extreme value. Anytime you add a well-made vintage piece to an outfit, it automatically elevates the entire look with virtually no effort. 

2. "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess," Edna Woolman Chase. 
When you see a well dressed woman who seems to even make a T-shirt and jeans look impossibly stylish, what exactly is it about her that makes her seem so chic? Simply put, it's her sense of style. However, if you ever have thought that you cannot be one of those women, rest assured, you can. It literally can be as simple as adding a vintage necklace, belt, bracelet, scarf or even purse to a plain outfit, and suddenly you have that enviable "je ne sais quoi" that takes you from modest to sophisticated. 

3.You will be the only one wearing it
Never again will you show up somewhere wearing the exact same thing as someone else. Yes, you may have on the same dress, or t-shirt, but when you incorporate one small vintage item, you have now made your outfit one of a kind. Don't you like the sound of that? 

4. Wearing vintage is environmentally friendly. 
I will say it: In this world there is too much fast fashion. Of course I have shopped fast fashion, but as I become more educated, I try and do my small part to be more responsible when it comes to shopping and the environment. I feel good about wearing my vintage items as I know the craftsmanship that went into them, the history behind them, and the fact that I am saving even a few things from ending up in a landfill. 

5. Honoring history is important.
Once upon a time, a different lifetime ago, I worked with a very high-end vintage clothing merchant and part of the job was to travel to vintage the trade shows. I learned so much from this amazing woman about vintage clothing, the value of a beautifully kept one of a kind piece, and the impact that styles had on society throughout the years. It was at one of these vintage shows where I came across a beautiful gold necklace, a double layered locket to be exact, and bought it for $50. When I got it home and opened the lockets up, one of them still had a picture of someone inside. I loved it so much that I kept the picture, (placed pictures of my own children in the second locket) and still wear it often. When I do, inevitably someone asks what's inside the two lockets and we have a conversation that brings me back to that vintage show, with my ex-boss who was wonderful, and the mystery person inside the locket. My point is, wearing vintage pieces not only adds interest, but actually adds an entire story line to an outfit. You literally honor a tiny piece of history every time you wear a vintage piece, and that alone is reason to give it a try. 



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